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Who is Shakara Monique?

Music has always been a very important part of Shakara Monique's life. She learned how to write music at a very early age, by writing her first song at the tender age of five. As Shakara has grown up, her parents (Jazz Artist Terry Tuck & Vocalist NKenge Tuck) have helped her to further develop her musical talents by allowing her to sing with various choirs and groups throughout her young life. 


The multi-talented creative, wears many hats. She's the creator and host of the podcast Nothing Else to Do. Shakara Monique has appeared in several film and theatre productions. She can be seen on Netflix Voices of Fire with Pharrell Williams, All Counsel Ain’t Wise (All About One Productions), The Axe Game, Dawn, Busted and The Last Will and Testament of Bryon Colby (JCL Productions), just to name a few. 

A native of Detroit, MI Shakara now lives in Fredericksburg, VA.

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